Sunday School
Sunday School classes begin at 9:50.    
3 Years Old t0 5th Grade
Classes are divided by grade levels for children to interact with friends and develop relationships.  This also allows the children to experience age appropriate Bible lessons.
6th to 12th Grade
Classes are divided into Middle and High School groups.  Lessons are discussion based and relevant to daily life.
The Millenials
18 Years Old to 35 Years Old
This class meets to study God’s word and how it applies to their lives.  They also participate in various service projects.
Examiners Class
20 Years Old Until…
This class is open to all ages, but is primarily made up of those in their 30’s and 40’s.  They examine and discuss topics that relate to life on a daily basis including: marriage, world events, parenting, etc.  
Extraordinary Life
40 Years Old Until…
This class shares in an open discussion forum with a teacher leading the discussions.  Striving to be a loving and supporting group, they share ways God has made a difference in their lives and how to help others grow in their spiritual journey.
New Beginnings
40 Years Old Until…
This class is open to all ages, but is primarily made up of those aged between 40 to those in their 60’s.  A discussion based class with the Bible and popular author’s writings as their main source materials.
Agape Seekers
50 Years Old Until…
This class studies the word of God and looks for ways to share his love.  They share fellowship through social gatherings, service opportunities, and Bible studies
John McGinn
60 Years Old Until…
A loving, caring, and sharing class who take care of each other with cards, visits, and phone calls.  They help others in need and give generously to local missions.  This class is based on lectures and discussions.